Contact Tracing for Hospitality & Business

Government regulation now requires that you collect customer contact details so that contact tracing can be performed in the case of an outbreak.

Customers can now scan a printable QR code at your door with their phone and quickly record their contact details, allowing you to re-open while following these new regulations.

Please configure your premises settings before setting up Contact Tracing

What you'll need

  • A computer and a printer

What to do

  • Log into and print off the tracing instructions template
    • This template includes your scannable QR code image and some suggested text for your sign
  • Edit your printable instructions as you see fit, adding any further information you require the customer to know
  • Print and affix the instructions to the entrance of your premises
  • Customers can now scan the code as they enter, and fill in their name, email address, or phone number for contact tracing purposes
  • All details are stored for at minimum 30 days for retrieval if tracing is required
  • If contact tracing is required, you can request the relevant data from KoalaBrain through our website
    • We may request evidence that contact tracing is taking place and the purpose for the use of the information to prevent data misuse


  • If a customer does not have a QR capable device, you could have staff scan the code and enter their details for them.
    • Alternatively details for these customers could be physically recorded.