Remote Controlled Digital Signs

Remote Control Signs do not require you to configure Premises, or Queues - just create your sign, load it up, and start remote controlling!

What you'll need

  • A spare tablet, smart tv, or other device with a modern web browser to act as your sign
    • Your sign device will need to be set to never sleep so that the screen stays active
  • A device to act as your remote - this might be your mobile phone, or your point of sales device
  • An active KoalaBrain KU subscription

What to do

  • Log into and create your sign
  • Upload any images you might want to use on your sign items
  • Add your sign items
    • Set your sign item layout, text, image, and background colour
    • Optionally set a sort-order if you want to change the order items will display
    • Set the time you wish the sign item to display on screen, and whether you want it to display automatically, or wait until you have triggered it with a remote
    • Save everything and you'll be returned to the list of signs
  • To preview your sign, hit the 'Preview' button next to it
  • Click on 'Remote Control Links' to view the links for this sign
    • The red link at the bottom should be opened on your signage device (tv, tablet) where you want to display the sign.
    • The blue links above are unique remote control links that you can email to your staff.
    • Staff can open these links on their phones, and pin them to the home screen for quick access to signage control
    • Alternatively, one of the links can be opened on a point of sales device as use as a remote control
  • You're done!
  • If you lose a device or someone gets a hold of a remote control link that shouldn't, you can always generate new links using the action button on the signage list. This will disconnect all signs AND remotes until you update them with the new links


  • The links for remotes and signs are pretty long (to keep people from guessing them). Copy and paste them into an email to send them to your staff, pin them to your phone home screens, and book mark them on your signs so you don't have to re-type them
  • If you're looking for a cheap, easy way to mount an ipad or tablet behind your shop glass, try putting it inside a large plastic sleeve and neatly taping the sleeve to the inside of the glass
    • Leave the top open so you can take your tablet out to charge it at the end of the day
  • You can create multiple signs each with multiple remotes, but you shouldn't run a sign on more than one display device - otherwise remote commands will conflict
  • For best control over your signs layout, create all text and media in a single image and display it with the full screen layout