Operating Your Queue

Your queue represents your waiting customers and will be live-updated as they arrive and scan in.

Every business is different - different shop sizes, appointment durations, types of customers (some people are just late) - so you should manage the priority of your queue as you see fit. KU leaves the decision making up to you rather than trying to take over.

Tips for managing your queue

  • To view the queue management interface, click 'Manage' next to the queue in the Queues screen.
  • You can leave this page open and it will refresh regularly when new people scan in
  • You should mark your positions as Ready, Complete, or Cancelled as your Queue progresses so that the customer is notified and you can keep track of who's been seen, and who hasn't
  • Wait time will be calculated and displayed to the user, but can be overridden with the 'Override Wait' dropdown
  • The patron will be notified automatically if a position is marked as ready, cancelled, absent, or complete
  • Queue positions can be cancelled by either the patron or premises
  • When a patron joins a queue they are already in within 15 minutes of joining, a new record won't be created (Unless their previous position was cancelled) to prevent spamming the queue
  • Marking a position as absent will also mark it as cancelled
  • When joining queue, customer email address is hidden from the premises. Their phone number (if supplied) is not, allowing the premises to call the customer if needed
  • The reply-to address for any transactional emails sent to the patron will be the notification email address of the queue
  • Queue position data older than 48h is not displayed, as it is considered expired