Providing Instruction to your Patrons

Your patrons might need some help adapting to new processes. KU provides a downloadable word document template with instructions and scannable codes for you to edit and place around your premises.

Generating your scannable codes and instructions

  • Configure your Premises and Queues - the details entered will be automatically filled into your printable instruction sheet
  • Go to the Queues screen and click 'Manage' next to your Queue
  • Click 'Edit and Print Queue Instructions Template'
  • A word document will be generated and downloaded which you can then edit to fit your needs, or print off as-is
    • The word document will contain a Queueing QR code
    • It will also include your entered Queue instructions, open hours, and contact details
  • Once printed and displayed at your premises, customers can simply scan the printed codes with their phone to queue