KoalaBrain KU is an online queueing system which your customers can use by scanning QR codes with their mobile devices.

It is designed to be affordable and easy to use, and quick to set up.

KU offers a number of different customer flow solutions, it's up to you which to use, and how to use them!

KU is billed separately to other KoalaBrain services - there is no requirement to use our other services to benifit from our online queueing solution.

System Requirements

  • Modern Web Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge)
  • Patrons will need to also have a web-capable phone with email

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Get Started with Online Queues

Set up your Premises & Business Contact Details

  • Go to the Premises Screen
  • Click on the 'Action' dropdown next to your premises and click on 'Edit'
  • Fill in your business details - description and contact details will be displayed to the customer in emails and on web pages
  • Make sure your timezone is correctly set so that your patrons are notified at the right time!

Create your Queue

A queue represents a lineup of waiting customers. You may have only one queue to enter your premises, or you may have many queues representing counters, staff, different services etc.

  • Go to the Queues Screen
  • Click on the 'Create Queue' button
  • Fill in the queue details. These details will determine if or when your queue can be joined
  • Description and Instructions will be displayed to the customer when joining the queue
  • Instructions might include asking the patron to put a mask on before entering, ask them to maintain distance from others, etc

Start using your Queue

  • Go to the Queues Screen
  • Click on the 'Print Queue Instructions & Code' button to print off instructions for your customers
  • Pin up the instructions near your point of entrance. Customers can now scan the code to join the queue
  • Your instructions template will include QR codes with unique links to join your queue
  • The queue managament screen will automatically refresh so that you can see new queue positions as they are added.
  • You can also override the wait time displayed to customers
  • Queue positions can be updated using the action dropdown, notifying customers that their position in the queue is ready

KoalaBrain KU collects personally identifiable information on both your business and patrons to allow it to operate (ie, we need your email address to send a notification email). You will have access to portions of this data and must handle it appropriately according to local regulations (like GDPR). See the legal page in the side bar for more information.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at [email protected]