Configuring your Queues

Your queue has a number of configurable fields which will be visible on public webpages and on transactional emails.

Queue settings also dictate queue behaviour and availability when joining the queue.

A queue can represent a shop counter, table, employee timeslot, workspace, or anything else the customer may have to wait for

To edit a Queue click on the 'Action' dropdown next to it in the list, and click 'Edit'.

Set up your Queue

  • Queue name, description and instructions will appear in the title on pages and instruction documents generated by KU
  • Each queue will be associated to the premises for your account
  • The notification email will receive alerts for the queue, as well as being the reply-to address for alert emails sent to patrons
  • It's important to set the time estimate accurately as it's used when calculating wait estimates for customers
  • Setting 'Force Closed' will close the queue regardless of open hours and deny patrons from joining
  • Open hours will both be displayed to the patron on webpages and emails, as well as dictating when the queue can be joined.
    • Patrons will not be able to join a queue if it is outside of that queue's open hours or on a defined closed date
    • Closed dates are specific dates in a year and will need to be set for each year

Queue Behaviour

  • Wait time is calculated by the following criteria. You may want to factor this when setting your queue position time estimate:
    • Wait less than 1 minute
      • 'No Wait'
    • Wait less than 5 minutes
      • 'Quick Wait'
    • Wait less than 15 minutes
      • 'Short Wait'
    • Wait less than 20 minutes
      • 'Moderate Wait'
    • Wait more than 20 minutes
      • 'Long Wait'