Using KoalaBrain KU as either a business providing queueing or booking functionality to your patrons, or as a patron using it to book or queue with a business, signals your agreeance to our terms and conditions.

As a user of this service, regardless of role, you agree to the general KoalaBrain terms and conditions

  • KoalaBran Terms & Conditions are available at
  • Usage of this service, or any part of this service or any connected KoalaBrain services signal your acceptance of these terms

Additionally, as a business using this service to provide queueing or booking functionality to your patrons

  • GDPR
    • KoalaBrain collects data on both you and those who use our services to queue and book
    • We collect this data (like email addresses, phone numbers, addresses) so that notifications can be sent to you and your patrons
    • We store and process data according to our policies at
    • If you, as an individual or business, are copying or storing data regarding those who have queued or booked through our service, you must notify your customers and act in accordance with the regulations where your customers reside (eg. European GDPR)
    • This includes syncing calendar info to your devices, or any other act which involves storing or transmitting personally identifiable customer information
  • Logo & content usage
    • We grant businesses or individuals using our service to use our logo in it's promotion, for example on instruction sheets
    • Our logo must not be modified and must be accompanied by our product name and a link to our website whereever used, and supplied with appropriate copyright marking