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A Simple Queuing, Signage and Contact Collection System for your Business

June Update: New Remote Controlled Signage and Contact Tracing Features Added!

Your customers can now scan a printable QR code at your door with their phone and quickly record their contact details, allowing you to re-open while following government regulations

We've added remote control digital signs - the easiest way to manage customer flow without requiring code scans or bookings.

  • Set up your sign items - images and text with information about your store, products, or offers
  • Sign items can include messages regarding customer flow ("Please Wait", "Shop Full", "Next Please!")
  • Use your mobile phone, PC or tablet as a remote control for your sign. Multiple remotes for multiple staff are supported.
  • Use any tablet, smart-tv or other device with a modern web browser as your sign
  • Remotely trigger your text and image sign items from your mobile devices - control a sign in your shop window from the back of the store
View RC Signage Documentation View Contact Tracing Documentation

Social distancing is here, and your customers may be discouraged if they see a lengthy queue, especially if it's cold ❄️ (or hot ☀️) out.

Our queueing system allows customers to take a lap of the block, or grab a coffee, and return at a more convenient time for you, and them.

Step 1

Patron Scans QR Code with their Phone to Enter Your Queue

Once scanned in, the patron will be able to enter their contact details and receive any other instructions you wish to provide. They can also make a booking for a future date.

Step 2

Patron Receives a Time Estimate

Your patrons can then wait nearby out of the rain or sun, take a lap of the block, or get a coffee (depending on how long they have to wait). They won't have to stand around in front of your premises getting frustrated.

Step 3

Patron Returns to Your Premises

Your patron will receive a time estimate, and be notified via email and on the queue webpage when you have indicated that their position is ready. They can then arrive and enter immediately without further waiting.


KU costs just £10.00 per month

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